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Prefab Gulf Island Cabins – Galiano Island

Gulf Island Cabins:

Who wouldn’t want their own pair of Gulf Island Cabins?

A client came to us recently with a challenge. He wanted us to design and build two remote cabins on Galiano Island (on a relatively tight budget) to serve as a meeting place for friends and family to escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Galiano Island is located in the Southern Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. There are a couple of factors that make Galiano Island so appealing for a Gulf Island Cabin getaway. Read more ›

Shipping Container House in Amsterdam

Shipping Container Housing: Tiny House Living

Shipping Container Housing is a phrase you may be hearing a lot about these days. From obscurity to mainstream press in just a matter of years. This costs effective, readily available building medium may just be the  major step forward we’ve needed to solving urban housing issues.

Amsterdam Shipping Container House

Amsterdam Shipping Container House

Here is a perfect example of Shipping Container Housing.

A shortage of student accommodation in Amsterdam lead to shipping containers being used as student apartments. At only 20m2 these spaces are quite small, but these colourful places still provide a great living environment.

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8′ x 12′ West Vancouver Garden Shed

West Vancouver Garden Shed: The Stealth Shed

West Vancouver Garden Shed

8′ x 12′ West Vancouver Garden Shed: The Stealth Shed

Sometimes out of sight out of mind also applies to a West Vancouver Garden Shed. Out client wanted a beautiful prefab shed but they didn’t want it to stand out. They wanted it to blend in.

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Suddenly Not Seeing Our Updates in Your Facebook Feed? Here’s the Fix!

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Facebook has recently made another adjustment to its algorithm which changes what appears in your news feed, meaning you’re likely not seeing many of the Westcoast Outbuildings updates (or those from other sites you follow). Here’s a simple way to adjust your settings and get the posts flowing again…

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North Vancouver Backyard Office

8′ x 13′ North Vancouver Backyard Office


North Vancouver Backyard Office

North Vancouver Backyard Office

Did you know that most BC Municipalities allow you to build a a structure of up to 107 Sq/Ft in your backyard without a Building Permit.

What would you do with your BONUS BACKYARD DENSITY? Home Office | Guesthouse | Private Retreat | Tool Shed?

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Orcas Island Getaway – Remote Living in the San Juan Islands

Orcas Island Washington

Orcas Island Washington

Orcas Island Getaway

Resting atop a hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Randy Dixon and Deborah Haensli’s Modern-Shed is the perfect getaway from hectic city living.

Randy, an accomplished member of Seattle’s theatre world, and his wife, Deborah, who works in business, lead a fast-paced, active life in the Emerald City.

But at least once a month, and more in the summer, they enjoy escaping to their home in the San Juan Islands.

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North Vancouver Storage Shed

North Vancouver Storage Shed

When we first got the call from this client we knew right away this would be an exciting project. 

My client had a plethora of garden implements, bikes, children’s toys and lawn chairs and needed a Storage Shed for his Lynn Valley house.

But not just any house, a house with a very distinct architect designed modern look and feel.

One of the challenges with Modern Design and Construction as that typically there is very little storage space included. We needed to design and build a storage shed that would complement and not look out-of-place.

North Vancouver Storage Shed

7′ x 15′ Integrated North Vancouver Storage Shed

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Cool Shed #2: North Vancouver Garden Shed

8′ x 12′ Contemporary North Vancouver Garden Shed

Simple-Structures are built to exacting construction standards. We don’t cut corners and the finished product represents our commitment to quality. Plus buildings installed by Westcoast Outbuildings come with an industry leading 3 Year Limited Installation Warranty.

Contemporary North Vancouver  Garden Shed

Contemporary North Vancouver Garden Shed

If you are looking for a backyard structure that you’ll be proud to show off for the years and years to come then this Contemporary Simple-Structure is the right choice.

Download Flyer HERE for Pricing & Options

Check out this Contemporary North Vancouver Garden Shed we recently built:

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