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Frateral Modern-Shed Twins

His & Hers in Harmony


BOTHELL WASHINGTON — When Alyse and Jesse Combs discovered Modern-Shed, they realized that it was exactly what they’d been looking for.


A huge fan of the online pinning board Pinterest, Alyse often found herself perusing the site’s garden section, pinning photos of a variety of greenhouses that might complement her backyard.

More and more, she began to see photos of sheds that looked more like modular, chic studios, rather than a typical garden tool shed.

After more research, Alyse discovered Modern-Shed, based in neighbouring Seattle.



Fungus Fest: When a job goes bad!

Cute Shed - When A Job Goes Bad

Cute Shed – Big Fungus Issue

When a job goes BAD! Modern-Shed Steps UP!

Here is a cute little Modern-Shed Backyard Office we built in the fall of 2012 in North Vancouver.

We worked with the client to pick the right location in their yard, the right paint colour, siding type, deck configuration, you name it! And when the project was complete the client was ecstatic with the end result. It was the way every job should go 🙂

But and a big BUT… Not every project goes exactly as planned.

This North Vancouver Shed is located on a heavily treed lot that rarely sees the full light of day. Within a couple of weeks of the installation being complete, the client started to notice a black fungus / mold growing on the underside of the roof on the exterior of the shed.

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Modern-Shed: The Ultimate in Flexibility

Aquarium_ReceptionYour Shed Your Way

Modern-Shed gives you the ultimate in flexibility. Custom design your shed the way you want it.

Check out our gallery of 48 different Modern-Shed builds throughout North America and may of them right here in Metro #Vancouver

The Modern-Shed to the right can be seen at the Vancouver Aquarium.

CLICK HERE to view the Modern-Shed galleries.

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Orcas Island Getaway – Remote Living in the San Juan Islands

Orcas Island Washington

Orcas Island Washington

Orcas Island Getaway

Resting atop a hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Randy Dixon and Deborah Haensli’s Modern-Shed is the perfect getaway from hectic city living.

Randy, an accomplished member of Seattle’s theatre world, and his wife, Deborah, who works in business, lead a fast-paced, active life in the Emerald City.

But at least once a month, and more in the summer, they enjoy escaping to their home in the San Juan Islands.

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Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow – Benjamin Moore Paint

Modern-Shed: Premium Benjamin Moore Paint

Color plays a huge role in our lives, whether we recognize its value or not. Many colors we associate with happy, tranquil feelings, while other colors may excite us, save us energy, motivate us or (unknowingly) make us buy more things at stores or eat more food at restaurants.

Modern-Shed Colour Palette

Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow (compliments of our Hawaii Dealer!)

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Prefab Writers Studio: Bliss in a Box

Prefab Writers Studio

Prefab Writers Studio

When Kristen Hall-Geisler used to work from her home’s spare bedroom turned home office, she found herself wasting a lot of time. It got her thinking about a prefab writers studio.

“I would think, ‘I should be working. I should be writing this article,’” recalls Kristen, a freelance automotive writer and book editor. “Instead, I’d putter around and read and go downstairs and then realize I hadn’t gotten any work done.”

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Open-Joint Siding Has Big Benefits

Open-Joint Siding

Open-Joint Siding

Open-Joint Siding

We often hear our customers ask us about rain screen and how it works with our open-joint siding — Oh, and what exactly is open-joint siding, why does it cost more and what the heck is Reveal Shield wrappin anyway?

We understand your confusion. So let’s break it down for you.

First of all, as we out here in Vancouver know, you need to protect your wall from the elements. Rain-screen siding is the first layer of defense against the elements, including rain, snow, sleet, wind and even the sun.

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Kill the Metro Vancouver Commute

Kill the Metro Vancouver Commute: Live longer, live healthier with more money in your pocket.

As a business owner, professional draftsperson and building designer Plamen Apostalov had a big problem. A time sucking problem that had plagued him for years, the Metro Vancouver Commute.

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