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Modern-Shed: Premium Benjamin Moore Paint

Color plays a huge role in our lives, whether we recognize its value or not. Many colors we associate with happy, tranquil feelings, while other colors may excite us, save us energy, motivate us or (unknowingly) make us buy more things at stores or eat more food at restaurants.

Modern-Shed Colour Palette

Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow (compliments of our Hawaii Dealer!)

Here at Modern-Shed, we offer our sheds in eight standard Benjamin Moore paint colors, but any Benjamin Moore color is available with an upgrade.

As you can see from our gallery, our clients have chosen a variety of colors that express themselves, both on the exterior of their sheds and the interior.

What does color mean to you? Research shows that we prefer colors based on our experiences — broadly, people worldwide prefer blues and greens, driven by evolutionary factors, but on a smaller scale, our immediate past plays a large role in why we prefer the colors that we do.

In speaking with our past clients, their choice of color is based on everything from the colors found in nature on a favorite hike of theirs to the colors of their favorite sports team. This makes sense: Human beings generally prefer colors that they associate with positive memories.

“Color is an individual expression, a sense of freedom,” said Modern-Shed’s lead manufacturer Erik Johnston. “The color people choose gives them a sense of fresh air, that the shed is theirs.”

According to your responses on Facebook, if you had a Modern-Shed, you’d paint it colors that are soothing and make you smile, such as turquoise blue or lavender, or colors that match the exterior of your home, such as white or green.

Check out our gallery of Modern-Sheds in every color, and tell us what color YOU’D pick for your shed.

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