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Devils in the Details – Launching a Floating Sales Kiosk

Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

Our client (Vancouver Boat Rentals) came to us with a clear vision of what they wanted us to build. They wanted a Modern, Cleanly Designed, Eye Catching floating sales kiosk.

We’ve all heard the saying “the devil is in the details”. Part of building a solid and cohesive brand meant our client had to get the details right from the very start.


Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

The Floating Sales Kiosk would be positioned prominently at the entrance to Granville Island and would be seen by tens of thousands of visitors a day and according to CMHC who manages the island there are over 10 Million individual visits to Granville Island each and every year.

I don’t know of many places in Vancouver that receives this type of exposure!

Typically when we build a structure for a client we act as a Design Build firm. We design the building with input from the client and ultimately build and deliver it. We always have some latitude to fine tune and adjust components as necessary to achieve the best look and feel (as we see it).

The clients vision for building and unwavering design aesthetic left no latitude for design changes.


I’ll be honest, at first I had challenges with this type of design oversight, and it wasn’t how we typically work; there was the occasional butting of heads.

Ultimately, our client’s vision forced us to Up Our Game and really strive to turn out the best product possible. There was no room for 2nd best here.

This floating sales kiosk was a true learning experience for us and the final outcome looks incredible. In the end I really appreciated my clients commitment to his design and his fortitude to see it through to completion.


Shipping Container House in Amsterdam

Shipping Container Housing: Tiny House Living

Shipping Container Housing is a phrase you may be hearing a lot about these days. From obscurity to mainstream press in just a matter of years. This costs effective, readily available building medium may just be the  major step forward we’ve needed to solving urban housing issues.

Amsterdam Shipping Container House

Amsterdam Shipping Container House

Here is a perfect example of Shipping Container Housing.

A shortage of student accommodation in Amsterdam lead to shipping containers being used as student apartments. At only 20m2 these spaces are quite small, but these colourful places still provide a great living environment.

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Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow – Benjamin Moore Paint

Modern-Shed: Premium Benjamin Moore Paint

Color plays a huge role in our lives, whether we recognize its value or not. Many colors we associate with happy, tranquil feelings, while other colors may excite us, save us energy, motivate us or (unknowingly) make us buy more things at stores or eat more food at restaurants.

Modern-Shed Colour Palette

Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow (compliments of our Hawaii Dealer!)

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Kill the Metro Vancouver Commute

Kill the Metro Vancouver Commute: Live longer, live healthier with more money in your pocket.

As a business owner, professional draftsperson and building designer Plamen Apostalov had a big problem. A time sucking problem that had plagued him for years, the Metro Vancouver Commute.

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Frank Lloyd Wright please design me a dog house for Eddie.

Frank Lloyd Wright… Please design me a dog house

In June of 1956, Frank Lloyd Wright — a man posthumously recognized as “the greatest American architect of all time” by the AIA — received an unusual letter from 12-year-old Jim Berger, a boy looking to commission the design of a home for his dog, Eddie, by the same architect who designed his father’s house 6 years previous. Incredibly, Frank Lloyd Wright agreed and, as seen below, supplied a full set of drawings for “Eddie’s House” the next year. Construction was eventually completed by Jim’s father in 1963.

frank lloyd wright

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Unfortunately Eddie hated his new home. It was demolished in 1973.

The full exchange of letters can be found below, along with a photo of the completed dog house. It was the smallest structure ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and possibly the least used.

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What is an Outbuilding?

Outbuilding – Noun 1.

8x12 Lifestlye Outbuilding Modular Backyard Office

8×12 Lifestyle Modular Backyard Office

  1. A building that is subordinate to and separate from a main building
  2. A structure not connected with the primary residence on a parcel of property. This may include a shed, garage, barn, cabana, pool house, outhouse or cottage.
  3. A building separate from but associated with a main building.


First Known Use 1626