Shed Moving Service

Need a shed, small garage, cabin or gazebo moved?

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Moving a Shed

Moving a shed can be a difficult and dangerous job. With our custom built, one of a kind shed moving trailer we can move your building across town, across the province or just across the yard.

Vancouver Shed Moving Service

Vancouver Shed Moving Service

What We Need to Move Your Building:

  • Good site access: With out high mobility shed delivery trailer we can get into some amazing locations but good site access is essential.
  • Good Structure: The structure has to be strong enough to be moved, jacked and/or winched. Some poorly built sheds can’t handle a move without us adding floor and wall bracing to key areas.
  • Good Number:
    • How wide at widest points – Your building must be under 16′ 6″ in width.
    • How tall ground to peak – Your buildings must be under 11′ 6″ in Urban areas or 12′ 6″ in Rural areas
    • How long: Don’t worry about that
Vancouver House Mover

Vancouver House Mover

Give at call at 1-855-910-7433 ext1 and we can give an idea of cost.

  • Local (15K Radius of North Vancouver) in yard move minimum – $350.00
  • Local (15K Radius of North Vancouver) trailer move minimum – $600.00
  • Out of area moves are quoted on an individual basis.

Remember, all moves are different. Escort, pilot cars may be required on some roads and highways with larger sheds. We are full licensed and insured. Call us to take care of your move. We can do the job right.

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