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Devils in the Details – Launching a Floating Sales Kiosk

Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

Our client (Vancouver Boat Rentals) came to us with a clear vision of what they wanted us to build. They wanted a Modern, Cleanly Designed, Eye Catching floating sales kiosk.

We’ve all heard the saying “the devil is in the details”. Part of building a solid and cohesive brand meant our client had to get the details right from the very start.


Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

The Floating Sales Kiosk would be positioned prominently at the entrance to Granville Island and would be seen by tens of thousands of visitors a day and according to CMHC who manages the island there are over 10 Million individual visits to Granville Island each and every year.

I don’t know of many places in Vancouver that receives this type of exposure!

Typically when we build a structure for a client we act as a Design Build firm. We design the building with input from the client and ultimately build and deliver it. We always have some latitude to fine tune and adjust components as necessary to achieve the best look and feel (as we see it).

The clients vision for building and unwavering design aesthetic left no latitude for design changes.


I’ll be honest, at first I had challenges with this type of design oversight, and it wasn’t how we typically work; there was the occasional butting of heads.

Ultimately, our client’s vision forced us to Up Our Game and really strive to turn out the best product possible. There was no room for 2nd best here.

This floating sales kiosk was a true learning experience for us and the final outcome looks incredible. In the end I really appreciated my clients commitment to his design and his fortitude to see it through to completion.


Backyard Office Space: Creating Calm from the Everyday Chaos

Backyard Office Space:

Sometimes all it takes is a little distance to create the calm in the midst of the chaos of every day life and that is exactly what our client did.

Just feet from his backdoor, and tucked away in the tranquil backyard of his North Vancouver property stands this 8′ x 12′ Lifestyle Outbuilding Backyard office space.

8' x 12' Lifestyle Outbuildings: Backyard Office

8′ x 12′ Lifestyle Outbuildings: Backyard Office

Want to read more about this project and view the complete photo gallery?


P.S. We are currently working to obtain CSA Certification for our buildings. Once achieved we will be able to deliver our Lifestyle Outbuildings COMPLETELY BUILT to ANY Canadian Province or Territory and 7 US States including California without a local building inspection being required!

Global News Features our Micro Laneway House

Vancouver Micro Laneway House:

Over the last 5 years Westcoast Outbuildings has become the leading producer of Tiny Structures in BC.


12′ x 24′ Micro Laneway House Concept by Westcoast Outbuildings

You may have recently seen or read articles on us in the Vancouver Sun and on Global News discussing our soon to be released Micro Laneway House for the Metro Vancouver housing Market.


These affordable models will range from 200 – 500 sq/ft. with many being under $100K COMPLETELY installed and ready for occupancy.

Our cutting edge modular design means we will build your Micro Laneway House in our factory, deliver it fully built to rigorous CSA Certification standards which ensure top quality production.
Our goal is to have a micro laneway house in your backyard complete and ready for occupancy in as little as 60 days from building permit issuance.

visit for more details.

Tesla Energy – Elon Musk… Smartest Cookie on the Planet?

Listen to this man, follow this man, learn from this man.

Yesterday I spent 18 minutes of my afternoon watching Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors announce the creation of Tesla Energy and the Tesla Power Wall amongst other products.

Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy

I believe Tesla Energy is truly a world changing technology allowing people to break the chains of the “grid” as we know it and no longer beholden to coal fired power plants.

I don’t say that lightly in the slightest… Elon is probably one of the more brilliant members we have of the human race we have on the planet these days. A true visionary.

He has the knack of taking what looks like an overwhelming challenge and makes it very easy to understand and most importantly shows us the way through the maze of naysayers and get straight to the solution.


“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky… the sun… you don’t have to do anything… It just works… shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power.”

Watch the Vidio, listen to this man, follow this man, learn from this man. One smart cookie.