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Devils in the Details – Launching a Floating Sales Kiosk

Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

Our client (Vancouver Boat Rentals) came to us with a clear vision of what they wanted us to build. They wanted a Modern, Cleanly Designed, Eye Catching floating sales kiosk.

We’ve all heard the saying “the devil is in the details”. Part of building a solid and cohesive brand meant our client had to get the details right from the very start.


Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

Granville Island Floating Sales Kiosk

The Floating Sales Kiosk would be positioned prominently at the entrance to Granville Island and would be seen by tens of thousands of visitors a day and according to CMHC who manages the island there are over 10 Million individual visits to Granville Island each and every year.

I don’t know of many places in Vancouver that receives this type of exposure!

Typically when we build a structure for a client we act as a Design Build firm. We design the building with input from the client and ultimately build and deliver it. We always have some latitude to fine tune and adjust components as necessary to achieve the best look and feel (as we see it).

The clients vision for building and unwavering design aesthetic left no latitude for design changes.


I’ll be honest, at first I had challenges with this type of design oversight, and it wasn’t how we typically work; there was the occasional butting of heads.

Ultimately, our client’s vision forced us to Up Our Game and really strive to turn out the best product possible. There was no room for 2nd best here.

This floating sales kiosk was a true learning experience for us and the final outcome looks incredible. In the end I really appreciated my clients commitment to his design and his fortitude to see it through to completion.


Backyard Office Space: Creating Calm from the Everyday Chaos

Backyard Office Space:

Sometimes all it takes is a little distance to create the calm in the midst of the chaos of every day life and that is exactly what our client did.

Just feet from his backdoor, and tucked away in the tranquil backyard of his North Vancouver property stands this 8′ x 12′ Lifestyle Outbuilding Backyard office space.

8' x 12' Lifestyle Outbuildings: Backyard Office

8′ x 12′ Lifestyle Outbuildings: Backyard Office

Want to read more about this project and view the complete photo gallery?


P.S. We are currently working to obtain CSA Certification for our buildings. Once achieved we will be able to deliver our Lifestyle Outbuildings COMPLETELY BUILT to ANY Canadian Province or Territory and 7 US States including California without a local building inspection being required!

Westcoast Outbuildings 2014 Projects

Westcoast Outbuildings 2014 Projects:

Over the last 4.5 years Westcoast Outbuildings has grown into BC’s Premier Builder of Small Structures.

In the late fall of 2013 we took possession of a 3000 sq/ft production facility in North Vancouver, BC and immediately expanded our product lines. and haven’ looked back.

Like most construction companies in Vancouver attracting and keeping qualified workers has been a challenge for us but that seems to have been somewhat stabilized.

2014 was an incredibly busy year for Westcoast Outbuildings, our sales volumes were up 52% and we sold or installed 28 buildings totaling 3000 sq/ft of floor space.

Although our building count was down a little from 2013 we focused on larger more complex projects with a focus on buildings destined for the Gulf Islands.

Take a look at our project below and if you are in the market give us a call to discuss your needs whether it be an Accessory Building, Cabin, Shed, Studio, Retreat, Garage, Tiny House you name it we build it and build it well.

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Maple Ridge Modular Office

Sticks Building Products: Maple Ridge Modular Office

For Immediate Release:
North Vancouver BC Canada
July 7, 2014

Westcoast Outbuildings is pleased to announce it’s just signed on to build a 10′ x 24′ Modular Office for Sticks Building Products of North Vancouver BC.

Sticks is relocating their Materials Yard to Maple Ridge BC in the fall of 2014. As part of that relocation they need a Portable Office Buildings.

Sticks went to BC’s largest Modular Building builder but they were unable to supply the right style of building in the timeline required. They couldn’t meet our client’s needs. Ultimately a “Construction Trailer” would not meet the design standards for the Kanaka  Business Park.

Maple Ridge Modular Office

Sticks Building Products: Maple Ridge Modular Office

Sticks President Kevin Bradshaw contacted us and in less than 48hrs Westcoast Outbuildings created concept drawings and had them approved by the business parks architect. Now we are working to obtain the required Building Permits to proceed with the development.

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Comox Valley Modular Office

Comox Valley Modular Office:

Here is one of our newest designs heading to the Comox Valley in September (pending permit). It’s our 10’x16′ Contemporary Building with a 4′ Covered Porch.

This design has our new wrap around clerestory windows.


Comox Valley Modular Office

Comox Valley Modular Office


Everyone of our buildings are made to our clients exact specifications. Choose your colours, door and window configurations, siding types, you name it you can customize it.

This building will be built in our North Vancouver Factory and transported fully built via BC Ferries to the final destination in the Comox Valley.

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