CSA Standards

CSA Standards – Total Quality Control

Westcoast Outbuildings is certified to build to the rigorous CSA Standard.  This Standard is a factory certification procedure. It defines the quality-control procedures and staff that a factory must have in place to ensure that the buildings it produces are built properly and in accordance with the relevant standards and codes. The standard involves both the manufacturing factory and the buildings. It is not unlike the ISO-9000 standard in that it deals with the concept of “total quality” throughout the manufacturing process, not just the final building.

The standard covers the procedure for certification of the factory quality program and the buildings built, auditing of the plant quality program, and in-factory  inspection of the buildings built.

We can currently build to the following standards

CAN/CSA A-277: Factory Built Building
CSA Z-240: Park Model RV
CSA Z240RV: RV Standard / Tinyhouse “THOW”

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