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North Vancouver Building Permit: Off-Grid home rejected by DNV Staffers

North Vancouver Building Permit Denied

Bill Guest was enjoying the serenity of his Mount Seymour property from the back deck of a shed he built there three years ago. A judge has ruled the structure is a safety hazard and must come down.
Photograph by: NEWS photo, Jane Seyd

North Vancouver Building Permit Denied.

NO. NOPE. AND NO WAY:  The answer hasn’t changed for a North Vancouver man who wants to have a building on a remote lot in the middle of the forest, despite a lengthy court fight.

Bill Guest has been fighting the District of North Vancouver for three years for the chance to have any kind of structure on his residential zoned lot in the Mount Seymour forest. But for almost as long, the municipality has told him no permanent structures are allowed.

This month, a judicial review backed up those earlier decisions, saying the district was within its rights to refuse permits because of fire concerns.

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Modern-Shed Dwelling Texas: The Inside Scoop

Modern-Shed Dwelling: Texas Style

The following interview is with Heidi Brunet the builder of the first Modern-Shed Dwelling. The Modern-Shed Dwelling, is a pre-fab, home-built by Modern-Shed. Modern-Shed recently launched its “Dwelling” line, which is an extension from its pre-fab “room” specialty. Heidi’s home is a full-sized family style home, and is being built in Dallas, Texas.  

Q: How is the building process going thus far with your Modern-Shed Dwelling? There has been tremendous progress in the past couple of weeks – the foundation was poured, floors were installed, walls were built, and most recently the roof was added. Is the process as fast as you thought it would be? Have you come across any hiccups this early on in the process?

A: No. The entire shell of the house went up in 3 days with very basic tools. It was faster than I anticipated. Next week we will frame the internal walls in the house, assemble the carport, rough in electrical wiring throughout the house, install the fireplace and start putting up siding.

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