Modern-Shed Dwelling Texas: The Inside Scoop

Modern-Shed Dwelling: Texas Style

The following interview is with Heidi Brunet the builder of the first Modern-Shed Dwelling. The Modern-Shed Dwelling, is a pre-fab, home-built by Modern-Shed. Modern-Shed recently launched its “Dwelling” line, which is an extension from its pre-fab “room” specialty. Heidi’s home is a full-sized family style home, and is being built in Dallas, Texas.  

Q: How is the building process going thus far with your Modern-Shed Dwelling? There has been tremendous progress in the past couple of weeks – the foundation was poured, floors were installed, walls were built, and most recently the roof was added. Is the process as fast as you thought it would be? Have you come across any hiccups this early on in the process?

A: No. The entire shell of the house went up in 3 days with very basic tools. It was faster than I anticipated. Next week we will frame the internal walls in the house, assemble the carport, rough in electrical wiring throughout the house, install the fireplace and start putting up siding.

Q: What is the most “green” aspect of the Modern-Shed Dwelling Home? Upon finishing the house, you are adding Haiku fans, cement floors, recycled glass tiles, as well as composite counter tops – what other features will add to the eco-friendliness of your home?

A: Led lighting, non-V.O.C paints, soy based spray-foam insulation, and composite decking.

Q: Tell us about the water feature. You are building a hot tub that will be located to the side of one of the two guest bedrooms – what inspired you to include a water feature? How are you insuring that the feature will be efficient and “green”?

A: The water feature is really a spa/hot tub, which I like to call “plunge pool” inspiration from the Rosewood Mayakoba voted #1 Resort in Mexico and #18 Hotel in the world. I wanted to create a relaxing resort style stay-cation type experience with the spa. Green features, built with cement which is made %50 recycled material, spray foam insulation, SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump continuously circulates spa water using less energy to operate than a 40-watt light bulb, and dimmer-controlled LED lights that use less energy than a standard light bulb.

Modern-Shed Dwelling in Texas Inspiration: Rosewood Mayakoba Resort Mexico

Rosewood Mayakoba Resort Mexico

Q: You like to cook; the kitchen in your Modern-Shed Dwelling is bound to be absolutely incredible. Tell us about some of the features that you will be incorporating into the kitchen.

A: The kitchen has a cooktop, 2 ovens, built-in plumbed coffee station, commercial fridge, dishwasher, wine fridge, and a Faber vent hood which is stylish and function. The countertop bar area and open floor plan to the dining and living room will be great for entertaining.

Q: In terms of decorating, the amount of light that Modern-Shed’s transom windows allow is unparalleled. How do you work around so much natural light when choosing paint colors and additional lighting, which will change depending on the natural light in the space?  

A: I keep things clean and modern with paint selections. For more on the lighting layout, see the interview below with Lighting Designer, Suzanne Branch.

Q: Are there any additional features you would like to share? What are you most excited about?  

A: I’m most excited about living in the house of my dreams and living near the lake. The peninsula area is the only area in Dallas I would want to live in. I love seeing the lake in such a natural setting, enjoying the beautiful of the city park and seeing all the activity with people running, biking and walking along the lake. The lake is such a draw for people in the city coming from suburbs as far as Plano on weekends. It’s a gem!

By: Jamie Nicole Johnson

Source: Urban Modern Retreats

For more information on a Modern-Shed Dwelling please contact Westcoast Outbuildings today. The Modern-Shed Dwelling can be customized to your exact specifications and location needs.

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