TICKING TIMEBOMB – Are Vancouver Micro Laneway Houses the Answer?

Affordable Housing is Metro Vancouver’s
TICKING TIMEBOMB and the Govt’s not listening!

Are Vancouver Micro Laneway Houses the Answer?

Vancouver Micro Laneway Houses

Affordable Housings – Vancouver’s Ticking Timebomb

FACT: Without affordable housing Vancouver will see a MASS EXODUS of entire generations of Vancouverites. We are on the verge of a Breaking Point… A point of no return?

Although there are many ways the government can help make housing more affordable but let’s not hold our breath for that one.

So what can we do to help?

Let’s start in our own backyard… LITERALLY… I am specifically writing to all you who own land in Metro Vancouver with a laneway in back
We all know that Metro Vancouver is one of the most unaffordable cities in the world and it’s incredibly hard for young adults (especially those with families) to survive, let alone thrive when the typical Vancouverite has to shell out over 50% (or more) of their income just to cover housing costs.
That’s if they can even find affordable housing when the vacancy rate is near 0%.
UBC Professor of Sociology Nathanael Lauster says “Having affordable housing can mean the ability to feed yourself and your loved ones, the ability to finish schooling, the ability to work through an addiction, the ability to make a life,” he wrote in an email. “By the same token, unaffordable housing is disabling and disempowering.”

Disabling and Disempowering… Two things we would never wish upon our younger generation.

I know when I was a young adult (back in the 90’s) making ends meet was the only things I was able to focus on day to day. With the economy and housing market the way it is today I can only begin to understand the stress young adults and families are facing.

The word DESPERATION comes to mind.

So what can you do to help?

Let’s work together and start making affordable housing right in your backyard.

Westcoast Outbuildings (a North Vancouver based company) has just released a new line of Micro Laneway Houses that range from 288 – 528 Sq/Ft in size.

YES! They are small but they are fully functional spaces with all the requirements to call HOME.

Our Micro Laneway houses are priced substantially less than the average laneway house in Metro Vancouver. They have full kitchens and bathrooms, laundry, lots of storage. Having a smaller footprint means they also cost less to build and they are super easy to maintain.

All units are manufactured in North Vancouver to strict CSA-A277 Factory Built Building certification and meet or exceed all BC Building Codes. Once built we transport the building to your backyard and can have it ready for occupancy in as little as 60 days from Permit Issuance.

Are you a PARENT thinking about helping out a CHILD or Young Adult with their housing challenges? Our Vancouver Micro Laneway Houses are the perfect solution.


Now imagine you’ve just built one of our Micro Laneway Houses in your backyard. Imagine the head start your kids, or other peoples kids would have knowing their housing is secure and there for them as long as they needed it.

Our units are free standing, large enough to give those in need a helping hand up but small enough that they don’t take up your entire backyard.

Maple 24 – 288 Sq/Ft Vancouver Micro Laneway House
Vancouver Micro Laneway House
Vancouver Micro Laneway House Vancouver Micro Laneway House
Please Note: larger units available
Vancouver Micro Laneway Houses are a WIN / WIN for all involved

So what do the financials look like when it comes to building a Micro Laneway House? Well actually, they are pretty good for the all involved.


Micro Laneway House Maple 24 Maple XL
Purchase Price $99,700 $149,700
Site Works & Development Costs 45,000 50,000
Total $144,700 $159,700
20% Down Payment $28,940 $39,940
Net Financed Amount $115,760 $159,760
Interest Rate 2.79% 2.79%
Amortization 30 Yr 30 Yr
Monthly Payment $457 $630
Suggested Monthly Rent $875 $1175


Housing Security for your loved ones
from as low as $457 a month

I can’t think of a more powerful gift you could hand down to your children or other young adults.

Now I said “gift” but I am not suggesting anyone would get a free ride, there is certainly the option of having them pay a modest monthly rental rate 🙂

If I’ve caught your attention then please:


Once you’ve had a chance to review then 
let’s get the conversation started!


Geoff Baker
Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.


Vancouver Affordable Housing. Dozer Bait

Don’t Become Dozer Bait

PS. DON’T BECOME “DOZER BAIT”… With Vancouver’s crazy market, today’s Livable House is tomorrow’s Tear-Down or as the media affectionately calls it “DOZER BAIT”.

Down the road, if your housing plans change and you decide to sell your house and it becomes a “Tear Down”, a Developer or Builder will only pay the Land Value. They would give you NO VALUE for the main house or the laneway house.That’s why our Vancouver Micro Laneway Houses are a perfect solution; they are 100% Re-Locatable and Re-Sellable!




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