Fungus Fest: When a job goes bad!

Cute Shed - When A Job Goes Bad

Cute Shed – Big Fungus Issue

When a job goes BAD! Modern-Shed Steps UP!

Here is a cute little Modern-Shed Backyard Office we built in the fall of 2012 in North Vancouver.

We worked with the client to pick the right location in their yard, the right paint colour, siding type, deck configuration, you name it! And when the project was complete the client was ecstatic with the end result. It was the way every job should go 🙂

But and a big BUT… Not every project goes exactly as planned.

This North Vancouver Shed is located on a heavily treed lot that rarely sees the full light of day. Within a couple of weeks of the installation being complete, the client started to notice a black fungus / mold growing on the underside of the roof on the exterior of the shed.

A couple days later we came out to the site to inspect the issue and sure enough it as definitely a FUNGUS FEST and it was growing all over the underside of the roof.

After consultation with the Modern-Shed factory, a remediation plan was put into place. We came to site; we scrubbed of the fungus as best we could and sprayed it with a mix a bleach and water to kill it. We did this on a total of two occasions and we thought we had won.

Boy were we wrong….

A couple of months later we got a call from the client and the Fungus Fest was back and this time with a vengeance. 

Luckily over the previous couple of months, the cause of the fungus issue was traced back to the penetrating oil that was applied to the wood on the underside of the roof.

PERFECT we aren’t to blame… It was a supplier issue… not ours… it wasn’t our FAULT! Wipe my hands and walk away.

Sure that thought crossed my mind for a very brief second. The problem was solved but try telling that to an already pissed off customer. They didn’t want a fungus-filled roof, they were still mad and rightfully so.

We tried a few more remedies to kill the fungus but nothing seemed to work. By the time we added up all the man-hours we had spent on the fungus there was nothing funny about it. The cost was adding up and the client had lost their patience.

There was only one way to fix this problem and make the client happy. REPLACE THE ENTIRE ROOF and that is exactly what we did.

Working in conjunction with the Modern-Shed factory new roof panels were constructed and installed. We even upgraded the ceiling cover from sanded plywood to Pine Tongue & Groove panels at no cost to the clients.

YES, client HAPPY!

So why do I tell you the story of the North Vancouver FUGUS FEST?

It’s simple… Any company can show you beautiful pictures of all their jobs that went perfectly. That’s easy… what about when a job goes bad?

The fact is that on any job site mistakes happen and problems occur. Most of them are small but in some cases like ours the problem was major and needed a major response.




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