Prefab Gulf Island Cabins – Galiano Island

Gulf Island Cabins:

Who wouldn’t want their own pair of Gulf Island Cabins?

A client came to us recently with a challenge. He wanted us to design and build two remote cabins on Galiano Island (on a relatively tight budget) to serve as a meeting place for friends and family to escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Galiano Island is located in the Southern Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. There are a couple of factors that make Galiano Island so appealing for a Gulf Island Cabin getaway.

  • Population of just 1258 full-time residents.
  • Good weather
  • Relatively affordable land costs.
  • Travel time from Metro Vancouver is less than 2 hours including a 30 minute BC Ferry ride.

As a designer / builder of small structures I love to create new ideas and concepts. I love to see how my clients build on them and what starts out as a simple concept blossoms into a very cool and functional space!

Gulf Island Cabins - Galiano Island Getaway

Gulf Island Cabins – Galiano Island Getaway

Here is a perfect example of a concept that has gone through several revisions and likely several more before it’s complete.

Our task was to create two separate sleeping areas joined by a deck and translucent canopy system. The area under the canopy would serve an outdoor kitchen and a meeting place for friends and family to congregate. The deck would lead out to a fire pit for nighttime relaxations and storytelling.

The buildings are 8′ wide by 12′ long and are mirror images of each other. The plan will be to transport each cabin completely built in a Modular format and join the on site with the deck and canopy cover. For the translucent canopy we will be using a material called TufTex it’s cost-effective and has a long lifespan. Vertical TufTex panels also provide some much-needed windscreen.

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