City of North Vancouver Shed Regulations

City of North Vancouver Shed Regulations 

DISCLAIMER: The City of North Vancouver Shed Regulations are provided as a courtesy only. Always consult the City of North Vancouver Building Department prior to any construction.

City of North Vancouver Shed Regulations

Sheds and Accessory Buildings are meant to be used as minor accessory structures for storing goods ancillary to the principal use of single or two family dwelling. Sheds are not permitted in a front yard in most zones and cannot be used for vehicle parking or a home occupation.

Buildings of 107 Sq/Ft or LESS:

If you are constructing an accessory building of less than 10m2 (108 ft2) and it does not create a hazard, a building permit is not required but you must ensure full compliance with the City’s zoning bylaw. Depending on the height of the
proposed structure, certain zoning bylaw provisions must be considered in the placement of the structure on your property.

Buildings of 107 Sq/Ft or MORE:

In order to build a detached garage or other accessory building in the City of North Vancouver a building permit is required. To apply for a building permit you must fill out a building permit application and submit plans detailing the proposed work. A review of the Zoning, Building Code and Engineering requirements will be conducted to confirm compliance with municipal bylaws and provincial codes.

Common Questions & Answers

  1. Can I build a two storey garage? No, accessory buildings can be only 1 storey in height. 
  2. Where do I drain the rain water leaders to? If there is a storm sewer at the rear of the house connect to the storm sewer. If the storm sewer is at the front of the house, connect to the house perimeter drain system. If there is no storm sewer available, please contact the Engineering Department at 604.983.7333. 
  3.  Do I need to place poly under my garage slab? No, but poly placed between the ground and concrete will keep water from draining out of the fresh concrete while it is setting, giving you a stronger slab. 
  4. Can I operate a business from my garage? No, a home-based business is only permitted to operate from within the principle dwelling on the property.

Download the City of North Vancouver Shed Regulations for “Building a Detached Garage or Accessory Building” HERE

CLICK HERE for the District of North Vancouver Shed Regulations

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