Suddenly Not Seeing Our Updates in Your Facebook Feed? Here’s the Fix!

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Facebook has recently made another adjustment to its algorithm which changes what appears in your news feed, meaning you’re likely not seeing many of the Westcoast Outbuildings updates (or those from other sites you follow). Here’s a simple way to adjust your settings and get the posts flowing again…

The smart folks at “Cool Mom Tech” posted some, great, simple steps to follow:

1. Go to our page. Look just below the main cover photo, near the top of the page and make sure the “Liked” button is checked.



2. Mouse over the “Liked” button and be sure that “Show in News Feed” is selected.



3. In the same drop-down menu right underneath “Show in News Feed” you will see a “Settings” option. Click on that and check “All Updates.”

According to the Cool Mom Tech post, the recent update has defaulted settings for your favorite pages from “All Updates” to “Most Updates”, which means that you will only see a portion of the content. Making these changes should set things back to the previous feed flow.

They had one final tip:

4. The more you engage with a page—sharing, liking, commenting—the more likely you are to continue to see the updates in your own feed.

Thanks and via: Cool Mom Tech

(Images: Above – Kim Lucian, Below – Cool Mom Tech)

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