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Cool Shed #1: East Vancouver Shed

Cool East Vancouver Shed:

Check out this cool East Vancouver Shed. Here is one I recently food near Woodland Park just off commercial Commercial Drive.

East Vancouver Shed

Cool East Vancouver Shed

 I think the part I really like about his building is the LARGE overhangs and the use of open joint siding. I spoke with the owner and they have separated the building into two areas. One for small item storage; garbage cans, recycling etc and the other for large items like Bike and Lawn Mowers.

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Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow – Benjamin Moore Paint

Modern-Shed: Premium Benjamin Moore Paint

Color plays a huge role in our lives, whether we recognize its value or not. Many colors we associate with happy, tranquil feelings, while other colors may excite us, save us energy, motivate us or (unknowingly) make us buy more things at stores or eat more food at restaurants.

Modern-Shed Colour Palette

Modern-Shed: All the Colours of the Rainbow (compliments of our Hawaii Dealer!)

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Vancouver Pergola SALE

Vancouver Pergola SaleVancouver Pergola Sale 

Vancouver Pergola: Westcoast Outbuildings has just worked out a great deal with our friends at Outdoor Living Today.

We are incredibly pleased to offer you 100% Western Red Cedar pergolas that are perfect for any Metro Vancouver backyard.

The Breeze pergola will add beauty and elegance to your outdoor living space. Perfect for hanging out with your family and friends or to have intimate dinner parties under the stars. Read more ›

Prefab Writers Studio: Bliss in a Box

Prefab Writers Studio

Prefab Writers Studio

When Kristen Hall-Geisler used to work from her home’s spare bedroom turned home office, she found herself wasting a lot of time. It got her thinking about a prefab writers studio.

“I would think, ‘I should be working. I should be writing this article,’” recalls Kristen, a freelance automotive writer and book editor. “Instead, I’d putter around and read and go downstairs and then realize I hadn’t gotten any work done.”

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Open-Joint Siding Has Big Benefits

Open-Joint Siding

Open-Joint Siding

Open-Joint Siding

We often hear our customers ask us about rain screen and how it works with our open-joint siding — Oh, and what exactly is open-joint siding, why does it cost more and what the heck is Reveal Shield wrappin anyway?

We understand your confusion. So let’s break it down for you.

First of all, as we out here in Vancouver know, you need to protect your wall from the elements. Rain-screen siding is the first layer of defense against the elements, including rain, snow, sleet, wind and even the sun.

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Kill the Metro Vancouver Commute

Kill the Metro Vancouver Commute: Live longer, live healthier with more money in your pocket.

As a business owner, professional draftsperson and building designer Plamen Apostalov had a big problem. A time sucking problem that had plagued him for years, the Metro Vancouver Commute.

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Saanich Shed Bylaws

Saanich Shed Bylaws:

DISCLAIMER: The Municipality of Sannich Shed Bylaws are provided as a courtesy only. Always consult the Municipality of Sannich Building Department prior to any construction.

Saanich Shed Bylaws

Please refer to the appropriate neighbourhood zone for specific regulations pertaining to ‘Other Accessory Buildings and Structures’.

Sheds are meant to be used as minor accessory structures for storing goods ancillary to the principal use of single or two family dwelling. Sheds are not permitted in a front yard in most zones and cannot be used for vehicle parking or a home occupation.

Sheds less than 10 square metres (sqm) in area

Small sheds less than 10 sqm (108 square feet) must comply with the accessory building regulations Zoning Bylaw.

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Reclaimed Cabin: Building on a Tight Budget

Reclaimed Cabin:

If there every was an example of a great use of reclaimed materials to build and amazing reclaimed cabin this would be it.

The Sunset House in West Virginia was built by Lilah and Nick using lumber reclaimed from a barn on their property. The wood was cut and milled from the land by the previous owner many years ago. All the windows are reclaimed from junkyards over their history of thrifting together.

reclaimed cabin metro vancouver bc

More pictures

When building on a tight budget there are many ways to source used, free, minimal cost materials even in an urban environment like Metro Vancouver, Sunshine Coast or the Gulf Islands.

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