North Vancouver Storage Shed

North Vancouver Storage Shed

When we first got the call from this client we knew right away this would be an exciting project. 

My client had a plethora of garden implements, bikes, children’s toys and lawn chairs and needed a Storage Shed for his Lynn Valley house.

But not just any house, a house with a very distinct architect designed modern look and feel.

One of the challenges with Modern Design and Construction as that typically there is very little storage space included. We needed to design and build a storage shed that would complement and not look out-of-place.

North Vancouver Storage Shed

7′ x 15′ Integrated North Vancouver Storage Shed

We decided to build a 7′ x 15′ Build Integrated Shed. Or at least one that looked integrated. We didn’t want to touch the existing houses siding or vapour barriers in any way. In this case the only connection between the house and the shed is where the roof flashing slips under the Cement Siding. We copied all the main house details down to the siding suppliers, paint colours, flashing details and roofing selection.




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