Modular Motorcycle Garage – East Vancouver

Modular Motorcycle Garage

Our client came to us with a challenge. Their East Vancouver Heritage House didn’t have anywhere to store their classic motorcycles. There was no garage and only a small run down Garden Shed.

The client wanted space to store and work on three motorcycles. It had to be low enough to the lane to allow for easy access but also easy access from the backyard. With nearly 3 feet of elevation difference we had a decent size job ahead of us.

We decided to start with our Contemporary Shed design and customize it exactly to the clients taste. Westcoast Outbuildings also handles all of the site preparation and landscaping required to bring this project to fruition.

The finished product is a fully Modular Motorcycle Garage that is 10’x12’ in size with a 24” overhang out front and a 7’x7’ Rollup Door by Smart Garage.

I think you’ll agree it’s a great little building that would be a great addition to any Backyard.

Modular Motorcycle Garage

Modular Motorcycle Garage

Location: East Vancouver, BC Canada
Size: 10 × 12 / 120 Sq/Ft
Design: Westcoast-Custom Contempoary
Porch: No
Decking: No
Overhangs: Front = 18″ | Sides/Rear = 2″ & 24″
Siding: Fiber Concrete Lap Siding / Corrugated Steel
Ceiling: Plywood
Door: 36″ Fiberglass Door / 7’x7′ Roll-Up Door Smart Garage
Windows: Poly-carbonate Clerestory
Electrical: Yes
Heat: No
Customization: Many

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