8′ x 12′ Contemporary Backyard Office

8′ x 12′ Contemporary Backyard Office


Did you know that most BC Municipalities allow you to build a structure of up to 107 Sq/Ft in your backyard without a Building Permit.

What would you do with your BONUS BACKYARD DENSITY? Home Office | Guesthouse | Private Retreat | Tool Shed?

Tough-Structures are built to exacting construction standards. We don’t cut corners and the finished product represents our commitment to quality. Plus buildings installed by Westcoast Outbuildings come with an industry leading 3 Year Limited Installation Warranty.

If you are looking for a backyard structure that you’ll be proud to show off for the years and years to come then this Contemporary Tough-Structure is the right choice. .

Here’s a recent Backyard Office we built in South Vancouver that didn’t require a building permit:

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8′ x 12′ Contemporary Backyard Office


Location: Marpole, South Vancouver, BC Canada

Size: 8 × 12 / 96 Sq/Ft
Design: Contemporary Tough-Structure
Porch: N/A
Decking: 4’x12′ Preasure Treated
Overhangs: Front = 18″ | Sides/Rear = 6″
Siding: LP Smart Side
Ceiling: Spruce V-Groove
Door: 36″ Full Lite Fiberglass Door
Windows: 32″ x 32″ Slider / 42″x42″ Slider
Electrical: 4 Wall Plugs / Overhead Lighting / Exterior Lighting
Heat: Yes – 2500W Forced Air
Customization: N/A

Option: Increase the length to 13′ and maximize your structure at 105 Sq/Ft, just add $833.

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