Shed Living: Small Practical Prefab Living Space

Shed LivingShed Living an Affordable Housing Trend

Shed Living and Small Houses are the new “In Thing”, and this practical little living space couldn’t be more in vogue.

The “Shed for Living,” designed by Manchester England based FKDA Architects, provides all the necessary amenities for living in a compact unit.

Designed for those in need of affordable and practical space.

Constructed of FSC certified timber-framed walls, double paned windows, cellulose fibre insulation from 100% recycled newspaper and interior finishes with low VOC content.

Exterior cladding and roofing options include; timber, corten steel, fibre cement, rubber, aluminum or zinc.

The interior is outfitted with LED/low energy lighting by Phillips, skylights, and energy-efficient appliances. Additionally, the unit is heated with underfloor radiant heating and can be powered by optional a solar photovoltaic and hot water heating systems.

The little sheds are not only super efficient and capable of being zero energy, but practical and stylish too. The Shed for Living is a great model for green building.

Complete with a wood stove one of these sheds could easily be placed in a back yard to act as guest space, an office, or even as a rental unit, providing much-needed space for affordable housing.

Small housing units like this could provide rental income and a fantastic sustainable addition to a home.

Living small, living green and living within our means just makes sense in today’s unpredictable economy. The days of 5000+ sq/ft homes being the norm are gone.

If you or someone you know is considering Shed Living or a Tiny House project please contact Westcoast Outbuildings. We’d love to help with all your design, planning, fabrications, delivery and installation needs.

No Shed Living or Tiny House project is too small, we love them all.

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