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 The Versatile Prefab House

The Versatile Prefab House - Dwell Magazine

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Page 4: Prefab 101

Everything you wanted to know about prefab houses but were afraid to ask! We’ve tapped the brain behind popular Web resource FabPreFab to explain the birds and the bees of manufactured housing.

Page 12: A Simple Plan

It took just 3 months for Marmol Radziner to build a 2,200-square-foot prefab house in its factory for a pair of landscape architects and but a single afternoon to assemble ten steel modules on a remote site in Northern California.

Page 22: Plan of Steel

David McAdam felt that prefab had failed to live up to its promises of affordability, sustainability, and a chic modern aesthetic. So he formed Blue Sky Homes, figures out hot to manufacture a small, all-steel house, and headed to the desert of Southern California to make the much-vaunted technique bloom.

Page 32: Prince of Tides

Designed with a floating concrete foundation and conforming to FEMA requirement  this tin Bay Area beach house is built to withstand tsunamis, be they of the oceanic or weekender sort.


And that’s just the start!

Prefab Houses and Prefab Construction in general are light years ahead of where it was in the 1960’s. A resurgence of the Modern Prefab House really started to take place in the early 2000’s and it full steam ahead. Houses can now go from design to occupancy in as little a couple of months with the major structures being intact in as little as a day in some cases.

The possibilities for Prefab Houses of the future are really unlimited.

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