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Modern-Shed: Backyard Office – A Private Getaway

Modern-ShedModern-Shed: A space to frame the day:

Modern-Shed: As a talent agent working outside of Seattle, Jamie Lopez understands what it means to be busy.

“My life is telephone and email,” said Lopez, who lives on Vashon Island with his wife and two young children.

“ I’ve run my own business for a long time out of my house. Once kids entered the picture, things got hairy.”

For the past five years, Lopez has worked from home, balancing his time at his home office with the needs of his children. Read more ›

Studio Shed: Creating the getaway of her dreams!

Studio Shed: A stylized 10′ x 20′ Modern-Shed

A Studio Shed by Modern-ShedStudio Shed: After retiring from a world of crunching numbers for more than 30 years, Virginia Violin decided to devote more of her life to color.

Ever the artist, Virginia has always occupied her hands with some craft — sculpting, knitting, needlepoint and weaving have all been passions of hers at one point or another.

But it wasn’t until she retired from a career in accounting (she’s worked in the oil and telecom industries, and most recently was an accountant for the literary nonprofit Seattle Arts & Lectures) that she decided to get serious about her art.

The only problem was, she didn’t really have the space in her Vashon Island home to get that serious. Read more ›