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Tesla Energy – Elon Musk… Smartest Cookie on the Planet?

Listen to this man, follow this man, learn from this man.

Yesterday I spent 18 minutes of my afternoon watching Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors announce the creation of Tesla Energy and the Tesla Power Wall amongst other products.

Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy

I believe Tesla Energy is truly a world changing technology allowing people to break the chains of the “grid” as we know it and no longer beholden to coal fired power plants.

I don’t say that lightly in the slightest… Elon is probably one of the more brilliant members we have of the human race we have on the planet these days. A true visionary.

He has the knack of taking what looks like an overwhelming challenge and makes it very easy to understand and most importantly shows us the way through the maze of naysayers and get straight to the solution.


“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky… the sun… you don’t have to do anything… It just works… shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power.”

Watch the Vidio, listen to this man, follow this man, learn from this man. One smart cookie.