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NEW Squamish Production Facility

We’re Moving to Squamish
OMG It’s Really Big!

Sometimes bigger is really better.

All joking aside; Seven years ago when Laura-Lee and I started Westcoast Outbuildings our first “Production Facility” was a $250 a month rented garage in North Vancouver. 

We started off building humble Garden Sheds and Backyard Offices. As time progressed we took on larger and more complex buildings including multi module Off-Grid Cabins, Tiny Houses and Park Model RV’s and full size Laneway houses.

For the last several years we’ve been hold-up in an old warehouse space in North Vancouver but we’ve been crammed for space! If you’ve ever been to our facility then you know what I am talking about.

We’ve outgrown our facility and with an impending redevelopment of our entire block into Townhouses and Condos, we knew we needed to move.

We’ve been looking for that PERFECT Production Facility since the fall of 2016, NO LUCK! In retrospect I could liken our search for a new Production Facility to being a UNICORN HUNTER! 

This was our dilemma… With the soaring price of real-estate in Metro Vancouver we needed to find a suitable Production Facility with the following criteria:

  • Enterprise Level Facility
  • Expandable to meet our growing demands
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Industrial Zoning
  • No Demolition Clause in the Lease.
  • Long Term Lease option.
  • Proximity to transportation routes (Road, Water & Rail)

In February 2017 we identified a suitable location to move and began the negotiations. After 9 Months of negotiations the deal was done and the lease signed.

Check out our new 89,183 Sq/Ft Production Facility in Squamish BC!

Squamish, Modular Building

Our new home is on the sprawling 70+ Acre former BC Rail Yards in Squamish. Built in the early 1970’s and known as the “Old Car Shop” our new Production Facility is over 89,138 Sq/Ft in size and is the largest building on the property today.  This is where BC Rail would maintain all their rolling stock back in the day before the Government sold it off in 2003.

With the exception of the occasional cameo in Movies and TV Series the Old Car Shop has essentially been vacant for the last 8 years. 

These pictures are now a few months old and the cleaning and basic updates have already begun.

The main production floor boasts a 75,000 sq/ft clear span space with two gargantuan Overhead Cranes capable of lifting 20 Tons each. Complimented by 7 partial gantry cranes ranging from 3-5 ton lifting capacity. 

Sure its a little rough around the edges but nothing a little elbow grease and perseverance can’t overcome!

Ultimately there are very few things we could not build in a factory of this size and you will be amazed with the new projects we have in production. Plus we are working hard to finalize an entire new product line to be launched in 2018.

The move to the facility is happening as we speak and production will recommence in early December 2017 in Squamish.

With our new enterprise production facility 2018 will bring massive growth for Westcoast Outbuildings but don’t be left out. Even with the increased building capacity there is still a limit on the total number of projects we have manpower to build.

As of right now there are only a couple production spots left for larger projects in the 2018 season.

Bring us your ideas and lets make it happen!




Geoff Baker / Co-Founder
Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.
1-855-910-7433 Ext 1.

Chilcotin Modular Cabin “Zombie Cabin”

zombie_facebookChilcotin Modular Cabin: A Remote Build with Significant Barriers to Construction

For years I’ve been wanting to push the boundaries of what we build, build something different, build something really remote, build something really cool.

Pushing the boundaries of design, location and material choices I’ve had a particular interest in RUST. Rusty Weathered Corten Steel siding that is.

Inspired by a recent article I saw on  about a pair of Weathered steel and reclaimed wood-clad cabins on a Navajo reservation I made a post on our Facebook page “Please Lord, help me find a client that wants Corten Steel on their building!” I put it out there into the universe to see what we could find.

Just 4 days later I received an email from one of our recent clients who had referred one of her friends to us. It was the perfect project; an incredibly remote property in the heart of the Chilcotin Valley. The family had owned the 5 acre property for over 30 years but it has three major barriers to construction the last of which turned the families existing cabin into a pile of smoking ashes.  Read more ›