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Chilcotin Modular Cabin “Zombie Cabin”

zombie_facebookChilcotin Modular Cabin: A Remote Build with Significant Barriers to Construction

For years I’ve been wanting to push the boundaries of what we build, build something different, build something really remote, build something really cool.

Pushing the boundaries of design, location and material choices I’ve had a particular interest in RUST. Rusty Weathered Corten Steel siding that is.

Inspired by a recent article I saw on  about a pair of Weathered steel and reclaimed wood-clad cabins on a Navajo reservation I made a post on our Facebook page “Please Lord, help me find a client that wants Corten Steel on their building!” I put it out there into the universe to see what we could find.

Just 4 days later I received an email from one of our recent clients who had referred one of her friends to us. It was the perfect project; an incredibly remote property in the heart of the Chilcotin Valley. The family had owned the 5 acre property for over 30 years but it has three major barriers to construction the last of which turned the families existing cabin into a pile of smoking ashes.  Read more ›

24′ x 30′ Modular Garage

Lifestyle Outbuilding: Modular Garage


Modular Garage,

If you are looking for a Modern Style garage with a Westcoast Craftsman flare then here it is.

Starting from $65,000*  this stunning garage would feel equally as comfortable in a Kerrisdale backyard as it would and Eastvan lane or Gulf Island Acerage.

This modular garage will leave our factory 90% complete in two separate modules and join onsite and fully complete in just TWO DAYS! We delivery anywhere in North America.

Location: Anywhere, North America
Modular (delivered by truck)
 Lifestyle Outbuilding
Size: 24′ x 30′ (720 sq/ft)
Porch: No
Decking: No
Overhangs: Front  36″ | Sides = 12″
Siding: Corrugated Galvalume | 100% Customizable
Door:  9′ Hand Made Douglas Fir Carriage Door w/ Automatic Openers / 36″ Single Douglas fir | 100% Customizable
Windows: Clerestory
Roofing: Standing Seam Galvalume
Electrical: Yes
Heat: No
Project Cost: From $65,000* CDN / $50,000 USD*


(*transportation, site servicing, foundations and permits quoted on a project by project basis.)