Small Living in the Big Apple:

Small Living: Finding Work / Life Balance in 500 Sq/Ft

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Small Living in the Big Apple

New York independent business consultant Michael Pozner had a need. He wanted to have a functional living space in his 500 Sq/Ft Big Apple apartment by night but he also needed a space to work in during the day.

One of the major challenges with small living is storage and in the case of Micheal he decided to build his space around the storage. Instead of multiple pieces of disjointed furniture which clutter the space he and his designer Darrick Morowski set out to de-clutter.

They needed something more practical. Starting with a clean sleek wall of storage they then carved out space for the necessities like the AV unit and a work-space. The works-pace needed to be function but also not “look like a work-space” when Micheal would entertain in the evenings.

With the entertainment area and work-space taken care of it was on to the sleeping area.

One of the major challenges with small spaces is prioritizing and optimizing space. Micheal and Darrick designed and ultra engineered sleep loft providing the minimum space required for the basics. Every left over inch was maximized with things like drawers for clothing built into the stairs. Creating storage out of something that wasn’t there before.

The space created under the sleep loft was turned into a washroom, storage closets and of course a compact but well thought out kitchen. Complete with commercial quality range and over, and a decent sized fridge.

The kitchen also serves of double purpose as a laundry area with stacking mini-sized washer and dryer.

Time to take a tour for yourself, check out this YouTube video:

Also read the feature on Michael in Dwell Magazine.

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