Saturna Island Cabin Delivery

 Saturn Island Cabin Delivery – Remote Property


Some of you may have been following the recent sale we had for our Tradeshow Demo Unit.

Due to some changes in our business model we decided it was time to part ways with this beauty and pass her down to someone who could get more use out of it than we currently were.

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Once the high bidder was selected it was time to start figuring out how to get this building to it’s new home on the Southern Shores of Saturna Island.

Saturna Island is a mountainous island, about 31 kmĀ² (12 sq. miles) in size, in the Southern Gulf Islands chain of British Columbia. It is situated approximately midway between the Lower Mainland of B.C. and Vancouver Island, and is the most easterly of the Gulf Islands. It is surrounded on three sides by the Canada/USA border. To the north is Point Roberts, Washington, and to the east and south are the San Juan Islands. Saturna has a permanent population of around 350, although that number increases significantly during the busy summer season. Approximately half of the island is in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve (GINPR) that was formed in 2003 from existing provincial parks, an Ecological Reserve, and other Crown land


If you were to ask me what Heaven on Earth would look like it would be our clients’ property. Spread out over nearly 55 acres of rolling hills, green mossy forests and grassy pastures perched atop one of the highest points on the island words pale to describe it adequately. There is a certain calm the falls over you once you arrive.

I don’t know whether it’s the amazing views to the south over the San Juan Islands or the cool breeze that sweeps off the ocean. All I know is my visit to this amazing place was all too short. My job on first glance was a simple one. Deliver the Demo Unit from our North Vancouver Factory to the Saturna Island property. My client wanted a structure on the site now ahead of their planned early fall build of an ultra-modern 600 sq/ft cabin. Our Demo unit will be used for overnight stays prior to construction and following it will act a as a guesthouse/bunkie.

In principle it should have been an easy job…In principle… But mother nature threw us a bit of a curve ball with the monsoon rains the night before the single-track gravel road became a mud road and traction was reduced dramatically.

Luckily there was a 1961 Type II Range Rover onsite and with a little ingenuity an and old piece of rope we fashioned a tow rope and got the job done.

It took nearly an hour of jockeying back and forth and figuring out how to get the building where we wanted it. The final resting place for the Demo Unit was perched atop a steep embankment looking south over Boundary Pass and out into the yonder. The perfect place to relax and ponder life’s little challenges.

Saturna Island Cabin

Saturna Island Cabin – Into The Yonder



Saturna Island Cabin Delivery

Saturna Island Cabin – Heaven on Earth?

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