North Vancouver Shed

North Vancouver Shed

North Vancouver Shed - Edgemont Tool Shed

The Problem: This client had long been embarrassed by the look of his old metal shed. That said he was hard pressed to install your typical “Big Box Store” style backyard shed or a flimsy “Cedar Shed”. His new North Vancouver Shed had to be one that was architecturally designed to match the scope & scale of his Westcoast style home.

Leave it to a backed up sewer line to force his hand. Cleaning of the plugged pipe led to the removal of the fence which sheltered the old metal garden shed. The metal garden shed was now plainly visible from the road. With the fence gone his rusty little secret was a secret no more.

The Solution: The Client had long admired Modern-Shed in Dwell Magazine. Most recently he saw one on site at the Vancouver Aquarium where we supplied two buildings in the fall of 2011.

Impressed by the architecturally designed Modern-Shed and Westcoast Outbuildings commitment to excellence the customer choose a 8 x 12 Model for his North Vancouver Shed.

This Garden Shed also has our classic 18″ front overhang. The siding is a mix of Hardie Cement Lap Board & Corrugated Steel siding.

Utilizing the existing concrete slab (with some cuts to square it up to the new shed) Westcoast Outbuildings built this stunning North Vancouver Shed on site in a matter of a week or so.

Where once stood a rusted old Garden Shed now stands a beautiful contemporary Modern-Shed. I think you’ll agree it’s a real compliment to the North Vancouver Property.

 North Vancouver Shed Specs:

Size: 8 x 12
Design: Classic
Porch: N/A
Decking: Trex
Overhangs: Front = 18″ | Sides/Rear = 6″
Siding: Hardie Lap Siding / Corrugated Steel
Ceiling: Sanded Plywood
Door: 36″ Fiberglass Full Lite Door
Windows: 2x 30″ x 30″
Electrical: No
Heat: No




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