Factory Tour: Gulf Island Modular Cabin

Thanks for your interest in Westcoast Outbuildings, BC Leader in Small Structures.

As our company grows so does the size of our projects.

Late this summer we completed the supply and installation of a 912 sq/ft three module cabin to Salt Spring Island. It was a huge milestone for our company.

As we close out 2015 we’ve seen nearly 80% growth in our sales and the trend to larger multi-part buildings continues.

Right now in our North Vancouver Factory we have a stunning 660 sq/ft Modern Cabin under construction.

The building is so big it can’t be transported in one piece; to make this work we are building it in three separate modules that will be 95% complete when they leave our factory.

Once complete the 25′ long x 13′ wide modules will be carefully transported by truck and trailer via highway, BC Ferries, country roads and finally up a nearly 1.5 km long 1950’s logging road to their final destination.

It’s a VERY challenging delivery to say the least but we love the projects that other builders turn down!

These are exciting times for our company and the factory is all a buzzzz and a real hive of activity.

You’re Invited:

Before we ship out the modules in November we wanted to invite you down to our Factory for a tour of this NOT SO TINY cabin and see how our system works.

If you’ve been planning a project in your head or at the kitchen table with your family now is a great time to meet 1-on-1 time with our Team and discuss your modular or prefab building project.

Tours are being offered from 8:00 to 6:30 PM every day from October 21-31 (excluding Sunday’s)

To confirm a date and time that works for you please:

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Geoff Baker
Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.

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