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Global News Features our Micro Laneway House

Vancouver Micro Laneway House:

Over the last 5 years Westcoast Outbuildings has become the leading producer of Tiny Structures in BC.


12′ x 24′ Micro Laneway House Concept by Westcoast Outbuildings

You may have recently seen or read articles on us in the Vancouver Sun and on Global News discussing our soon to be released Micro Laneway House for the Metro Vancouver housing Market.


These affordable models will range from 200 – 500 sq/ft. with many being under $100K COMPLETELY installed and ready for occupancy.

Our cutting edge modular design means we will build your Micro Laneway House in our factory, deliver it fully built to rigorous CSA Certification standards which ensure top quality production.
Our goal is to have a micro laneway house in your backyard complete and ready for occupancy in as little as 60 days from building permit issuance.

visit for more details.

Tesla Energy – Elon Musk… Smartest Cookie on the Planet?

Listen to this man, follow this man, learn from this man.

Yesterday I spent 18 minutes of my afternoon watching Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors announce the creation of Tesla Energy and the Tesla Power Wall amongst other products.

Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy

I believe Tesla Energy is truly a world changing technology allowing people to break the chains of the “grid” as we know it and no longer beholden to coal fired power plants.

I don’t say that lightly in the slightest… Elon is probably one of the more brilliant members we have of the human race we have on the planet these days. A true visionary.

He has the knack of taking what looks like an overwhelming challenge and makes it very easy to understand and most importantly shows us the way through the maze of naysayers and get straight to the solution.


“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky… the sun… you don’t have to do anything… It just works… shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power.”

Watch the Vidio, listen to this man, follow this man, learn from this man. One smart cookie.

Size Does Matter: Why Small Living Might Be Better For You

Why is Smaller Better?


Infographic via:

Lasqueti Island – Secluded Paradise?

Lasqueti Island – Off Grid Living at our Backdoor

Panorama of Heath Islet off Lasqueti Island.

Imagine an island so secluded there’s no electricity, there are no paved roads and in many cases, no plumbing. That island – called Lasqueti Island – is home to 400 people and less than an hour away from Vancouver. Global TV’s 16×9 crew traveled there to see what it’s like to live off the grid.

Lasqueti Island is an island off the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Strait of Georgia, Powell River Regional District, British Columbia, Canada. A passenger-only ferry connects the island to the community of French Creek, near Parksville. The ferry makes two to three runs per day, five days per week, weather permitting.

The island had a population of 426 in the Canada 2011 Census, up 18% from the Canada 2006 Census,[2] and a land area of 73.57 km² (28.4 sq mi).

Fifty Sheds of Grey


It’s finally here…

Today marks the worldwide release of the much touted Vancouver filmed “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie.

If you haven’t read it yet you can buy it here: Fifty Shades of Grey

I am the first to admit… I haven’t read the books… I don’t know the first thing about Christian Grey and even less about the Red Room.

But one thing is for sure my wife bought tickets for the movie months ago just in time for our Valentine’s Day night out.

While my wife had her nose to the hardcover pages I was on our webpages thinking up the next great promotion then it hit me…


Sure it’s cheesy but it’s been a long day and I am tired so let’s run with it…

In celebration of the Release of the Movie here is our Fifty Sheds of Grey promotion.

Buy ANY Westcoast Outbuildings structure and pick any three of the following offers!
(Promotion Valid through February 16th at 5pm.)

For LOCAL Orders:

  • 2 Free Tickets to see Fifty Shades of Grey at a Theatre Near you.
  • 50% Off a 2 Colour Paint Scheme
  • 50% Off a Custom Paint Match (match your house)
  • 50% Off your 2nd Window
  • 50% Off Wall, Floor & Ceiling Insulation
  • 50% Off Flooring Installation
  • 50% Off Electrical Rough-In
  • 50% Off Delivery (up to $300 off)
  • 50% Off Crane Services (if required up to $200)

For Shipped Orders:

  • 2 Free Tickets to see Fifty Shades of Grey at a Theatre Near you.
  • 50% Off a 2 Colour Paint Scheme (up to $300 off)
  • 50% Off a Custom Paint Match (match your house)
  • 50% Off your 2nd Window
  • 50% Off Shipping (up to $300 off)
  • 50% Off Crating (if required up to $300)


Please feel free to reach out to me (gently) if you have questions.

Geoff Baker
Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.

P.S. These deals are only valid through February 16th at 5pm.

P.S.S. If there is someone out there who actually wants to create a RED ROOM in their backyard please email me privately at (All emails will be held in strict confidence)

Westcoast Outbuildings 2014 Projects

Westcoast Outbuildings 2014 Projects:

Over the last 4.5 years Westcoast Outbuildings has grown into BC’s Premier Builder of Small Structures.

In the late fall of 2013 we took possession of a 3000 sq/ft production facility in North Vancouver, BC and immediately expanded our product lines. and haven’ looked back.

Like most construction companies in Vancouver attracting and keeping qualified workers has been a challenge for us but that seems to have been somewhat stabilized.

2014 was an incredibly busy year for Westcoast Outbuildings, our sales volumes were up 52% and we sold or installed 28 buildings totaling 3000 sq/ft of floor space.

Although our building count was down a little from 2013 we focused on larger more complex projects with a focus on buildings destined for the Gulf Islands.

Take a look at our project below and if you are in the market give us a call to discuss your needs whether it be an Accessory Building, Cabin, Shed, Studio, Retreat, Garage, Tiny House you name it we build it and build it well.

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Pinintan Lake-11

Pinintan Lake-11