Backyard Bedroom: Home in a 96 Sq/Ft box

Backyard Bedroom Kit: A Teenage Dream

Backyard Bedroom Kit: Our customer came to Westcoast Outbuildings with a problem. Their children were growing up right before their eyes. Brother & Sister once happy to share a single bedroom, it was now rapidly becoming a dysfunctional situation.

Vancouver Backyard Bedroom

Modern-Shed: Backyard Bedroom installed by handy client.

Making it more difficult their New Westminster, BC rancher house wasn’t big enough for them all and there wasn’t a sufficient budget for a full-blown renovation.

A solution was need and needed fast!

While attending the Vancouver Homeshow our clients stumbled upon the Westcoast Outbuildings booth and voila the answer was right in front of them.

With their eldest daughter being nearly 15 yrs old they decided to take the plunge and build a backyard bedroom.

The solution was an 8 x 12 Backyard Bedroom Kit.

Luckily the husband was handy so there was on opportunity to save a lot of money. They bought a SHED KIT.

You can buy any as a kit. Your pre-fabricated shed arrives at your site exactly how your ordered it. All the pieces are numbered and tagged for easy assembly. Window and doors are installed in the wall panels and all the siding is pre-painted. We even include any special tools that are required and of course we have great instructions for you.

Once their shed arrived on site it was off loaded and staged for the installation. My client asked a couple of friends to assist with some of the heavier lifting and the backyard bedroom we built over a couple of weekends.

I think we can all agree the result is a beautiful backyard bedroom for their daughter. Very brave parents I would say!

Total cost for their Kit: $14,136!

Try building an attached bedroom on your house for $14K…

Backyard Bedroom Specs:

Size: 8 x 12
Design: Classic
Porch: N/A
Decking: N/A
Overhangs: Front = 3″ | Sides/Rear = 3″
Siding: Hardie Lap
Ceiling: Sanded Plywood
Door: 36″ Full Lite Fiberglass Door
Windows: 2x 30″x30″
Flooring: Laminate
Electrical: Yes – 8 Breaker Sub-Panel
Heat: Yes – 2500W Forced Air
Paint: Matched to ICI Blue Waltz

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