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8x8 Lifestyle Series Prefab Outbuilding Kit

8×8 Lifestyle Series Prefab Outbuilding Kit


Important Update:

Please note effective Summer 2014 we no longer represent the Modern Shed line of buildings. If you would like a similar building built to your exact specifications please consider one of our new Lifestyle Series Outbuildings instead.

Our buildings come in a variety of standard shed sizes from 80-800 Sq/Ft or more. Our system are highly flexible and gives you the ultimate control over what your building will look like.

All of our buildings can be customized to your exact specifications and needs. You can change door and window positions, types and number of each. You can customize your paint scheme. You can mix and match different siding types or increase the ceiling heights.

If you can dream it we can probably do it for you.

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Below are 18 Modern-Shed structures we built from 2011-2014. Virtually everything you see here can be replicated in our Lifestyle Series Outbuildings.

 100 Sq/Ft or Less

101-200 Sq/Ft

201-500 Sq/Ft or less

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