Backyard Workout Room – Point Grey

Prefab Backyard Workout Room - Point Grey

Backyard Workout Room – Point Grey, Vancouver

Backyard Workout Room

Our client was looking for a private space for their daughter to use as a workout room on their Point Grey Property. The solution was a Backyard Workout Room by Mon-Shed.

Situated in the South East corner of the property this Modern-Shed makes use of a previously unused space. This stunning, well-crafted 10’x12′ building would make a great addition to any Vancouver backyard.

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Location: Pont Grey, BC Canada
Size: 10’x12’/ 120 Sq/Ft
Purpose: Backyard Workout Room
Design: Classic Modern-Shed
Porch: No
Decking: Cedar Deck
Overhangs: Front = 18″ | Sides/Rear = 6″
Siding: Hardie Open-Joint
Ceiling: Pine T&G
Door:  60″ Full Light Fiberglass
Windows: Yes 2x 30″ x 30″ Vented
Electrical: Yes
Heat: Yes


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