Mayne Island Cabin: Modular Cabin Delivery

Mayne Island Cabin

Mayne Island is a rustic 21-square-kilometre (8.1 sq mi) island in the southern Gulf Islands chain of British Columbia. It is situated midway between the Lower Mainland of BC and Vancouver Island, and has a population of around nine hundred.

Our client contacted Westcoast Outbuildings to Design, Fabricate, Deliver and Install this cute sleep cabin on his 20 acre property on Mayne Island.

Mayne Island Cabin

Mayne Island Cabin: 12′ x 13′ with 7′ Porch


With this type of remote project Westcoast Outbuildings handles all the logistical challenges for you.  Just tell us what you want and where you want it delivered and we will figure out how to do it!

  • Co-ordination of pilot cars and custom trucks and trailers equipped with all the appropriate signs, flashing lights, flags and mirrors required to transport oversize loads.
  • Provincial / City Permits required to transport Oversize loads
  • Combination vehicle / structure weights to ensure we have no issues at the weight scales.
  • Co-Ordination with BC Ferries to ensure the cabin will fit on the Ferry (width / height clearances) as well as Ocean Tides to ensure the loading ramp angles are not too steep.
  • Private Road considerations to ensure we can get the cabin from the road to the proposed delivery site.

Westcoast Outbuildings handles all the logistical challenges.  Just tell us what you want and where you want it delivered and we will figure out how to do it!

Location: Mayne Island BC Canada (Gulf Islands)
Size: 12′ x 13′ Cabin w/ 7′ porch  ? 156 Sq/Ft
Westcoast-Custom Cabin
Porch: 7′ Covered / Timber Framed
Stained Cedar
Front = 7′ | Sides/Rear = 12″
 10″ Cedar Bevel Siding
Pine T&G
32′ Steel
30″ x 48″ / 30″ x 60″
Roofing: Melchers Green Snaplock Metal
4 Wall Plugs / Overhead Lighting / Exterior Lighting
Yes – 2000W Forced Air

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