Modern-Shed Kits: > 501 Sq/Ft

Prefab Dwelling & Garage Kits:

Modern Shed offers several Prefab Dwelling and Garage kits over 500 Sq/Ft.

Currently we have our prefab 24′ x 34′ 2 Car Garage + Shop kit, which can also be modified into a single car plus shop or  Garage and Laneway House combination.

We offer our classic 16′ x 40′ Prefab Dwelling Kit or you can customize a larger 1200 – 3000 Sq/Ft Prefab Dwelling kits.

Typically prefab dwelling kits of this size makes a perfect Workshop, Guest House, Artists Studio, Cabin, Laneway house or principle residence.

Keep an open mind when contemplation your Modern Shed configuration. Our building systems is highly flexible and gives you the ultimate control over what your Modern-Shed Kit will look like.

The images shown are simply provided for inspiration.

All Modern Shed Prefab Dwelling or Garage Kits can be customized to your exact specs and needs. You can change door and window positions, types and number of each. You can customize your paint scheme. You can mix and match different siding types or increase the ceiling heights.

If you can dream it we can probably do it with a Modern Shed Prefab Dwelling kit.

16' x 40' Modern-Shed Dwelling Shed Kit


16′ x 40′ Dwelling Shed Kit

Design: Classic
Size: 16′ x 40′ | 640 Sq/Ft
Click here for more details


garage_shop_left24′ x 34′ Garage + Shop

Design: Classic
Size: 24′ x 34′ | 816 Sq/Ft
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Modern-Shed Dwelling-ShedModern Shed Dwellings

Design: Custom
Size: 1200 – 3000 Sq/Ft
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