Maple Ridge Storage Shed

Maple Ridge Storage Shed

Spring was in the air, the garage was full of ATV’s, Motorbikes and assorted man toys. My client wanted somewhere to work on his Hotrod and with all the stuff in that garage that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

He needed more storage. The first thought was a storage locker but that meant his toys were too far from home and the access to them would be restricted likely to business hours.

He need ACCESSIBLE STORAGE that wasn’t in a storage facility!

The solution was contacting Westcoast Outbuildings and ordering one of our Tough-Structures Gable Sheds. After an onsite consultation my client choose an 8’x20’ Building that would fit perfectly down the side of the house next to the neighbours fence.

8x20 Maple Ridge Storage Shed

8×20 Maple Ridge Storage Shed

We measured twice to make sure it would fit but due to some funky angles with the house and hedge we were unable to build this building on site. We opted to build it in the shop and transport it to site fully built with the final placement on site was done by crane.

I think the end result looks great, especially the paint that matches the house colour perfectly!

Size: 8×20 / 160 Sq/Ft
Design: Tough-Structures Gable Shed
Porch: N/A
Decking: N/A
Overhangs: Front = 6″ / Sides = 6″
Siding: LP Smartside
Ceiling: Bare
Door: 54″ Shop Wood Door / 36″ Steel
Windows: N/A
Electrical: N/A
Heat: NA
Customization: 2nd Door

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