Floating Sales Office

Floating Sales Office: Vancouver Boat Rentals | Granville Island

Building a building that is capable of floating on water certainly has its challenges.

Boyancy, Balance & Ballast all play an important roll.

Granville Island Floating Sales Office

Granville Island Floating Sales Office

The construction of this Floating Sales Office for Vancouver Boat Rentals was easily the most complicated build so far this year.

Construction of the Float was done by Blue Water Systems in Delta and delivered to the Granville Island Boatyard

Westcoast Outbuildings chose to start our portion of the build in our North Vancouver shop. We constructed the entire shell of the building without a floor as it would be sitting on a concrete float once on the water.

Once the shell was completed we raised the building off the ground and supported it with a grid of stringers to allow us to transport it to Granville Island.

At Granville Island the shell was lifted off the trailer and transported by Marine Lift and mated with the concrete float. In the boathouse the final work was completed and the combined float and shell readied for launch.

A couple days later the  Floating Sales Office took it’s place at the entrance to Granville Island where over 10 Million Visitors a year will cast a glance at the building. Can’t get much more exposure than that!

Location: Vancouver (Granville Island), British Columbia

Design: Custom Structure
Size: 10′ x 16′ (160 sq/ft)
Porch: N/A
Decking: N/A
Overhangs: Front 30″ | Sides = 12″
Siding: Hardie Open-Joint | Smooth Hardie Lap | Easytrim Aluminum Reveals
Ceiling/Flooring: Pine T&G
Door: 36″ Fiberglass with Hardie Open-Joint Siding
Windows: Acrylic
Roofing: Standing Seam Galvalume
Electrical: 5 Duplex Receptacles | Pre-Wired for Telephone | Internet
Heat: N/A
Customization: EVERYTHING
Project Cost: $25,000

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