Bowen Island Art Studio

8×13 Bowen Island Art Studio

Bowen IslandBritish Columbia, is an island municipality in Howe Sound, is part of the Metro Vancouver, and is an island included within the jurisdiction of the Islands Trust. Approximately 6 km wide by 12 km long, the island at its closest point is about 3 km west of the mainland. There is regular ferry service from Horseshoe Bay, as well as three water taxi services. The population of 3,402 is supplemented in the summer by roughly 1,500 visitors, as Bowen Island is a popular vacation home location for British Columbians. About 500 workers and over 200 students commute to offices and schools on the mainland each day.

Our client had decided it was time to get away from the city… not just getaway for the weekend, get away permanently!

It was time to escape the rat race and move to Bowen Island for a little peace and quiet.

As an established painter and visual artist our client decided pretty early on that she wanted a separate place to work outside of the house. The decision was made to remove an old rundown shed and replace it with a new modular artist’s studio.

8x13 Bowen Island Art Studio

8×13 Bowen Island Art Studio

It just so happened that she wanted something that wasn’t one of our standard designs. Lucky I had been researching other buildings designs and came across the historical SaltBox design. With a Saltbox the center ridge of the roof is offset towards the front which makes one wall taller than the other.

With this project we decided it was best to build the prefab artist’s studio and delivery completely built in a modular format. Once onsite getting the studio to its final resting place turned out to be a bit more challenging than expected but the end result was well worth it.

Size: 8′ × 13′ / 105 Sq/Ft
Design: Westcoast-Custom Saltbox Studio
Porch: N/A
Decking: N/A
Overhangs: Front = 6″ / Sides = 2″
Siding: LP Smartside
Ceiling / Walls: Pine T&G | White Melamine
Door: 60″ Sliding Door
Windows: 2x 30″x72″ | 2x 30″x30″
Electrical: N/A
Heat: NA
Customization: 2nd Door

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