The Convertible Shed

8′ x 10′ North Vancouver Convertible Shed


north vancouver shed conversion-11

Our client came to us wanting a new Craftsman Shed in his backyard.  While he was deciding where to place the shed he looked at the positioning of his neighbours sheds he opted to have us place his new shed right up against the property line (yes, we advised about the required municipal setback requirements).

Not everything goes as planned all the time…

Unfortunately, we had the shed 80% completed when the neighbour complained about the size and proximity to the property line. As a compromise, our client agreed to move the shed and change the roofline to minimize the sightlines for the neighbour.

The challenge for us was that the building was nailed, screwed and glued together. Dissembling and moving was not an option. Additionally, the proximity to the fence and rock wall meant we could not use jacks to lift and move the building.

After a whole lot of thinking, we opted to use Airbags to raise the building, placed rollers under the floor and moved the building by hand. Lastly, we cut the roof off and re-framed it from a gable style roof to a shed style roof.

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia
Design: Custom Shed
Size: 8′ x 10′ (80 sq/ft)
Porch: NA
Decking: NA
Overhangs: Front /Rear = 12″ | Sides = 6″
Siding: LP Smartside
Ceiling/Flooring: NA
Door: Craftsman Fiberglass
Windows: 30×36
Roofing: Galvanized Steel
Electrical:  NA
Heat: NA
Customization: Roof


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