Modern-Shed Prefab Building Kit: 14′ x 30′

Modern-Shed Prefab Building Kit Spec:

Design: Classic
Size: 14′ x 30′ | 420 Sq/Ft
Priced From: Download Catalog Here For Pricing

This flexible prefab building kit makes a perfect Workshop. Storage Shed. Garden Shed. Backyard Office. Guest House. Yoga Studio. Reading Room. Artists Studio. Cabin or Bunkie for full fledged Laneway House.

Modern-Shed Kit

All Modern-Shed Prefab Building Kits are pre-fabricated in our factory and arrive panelized, ready to install. This shed can typically be installed in 8-10 days.

From the day your order your Prefab Building Kit to the day it’s ready to ship from our factory it is 3 – 4 weeks.

For more information about our 14′ x 30′ Modern-Shed Kit please download our catalog by clicking this button:

Download Catalog Here

14′ x 30′ Modern Shed Prefab Building Kit Client Projects:

This gallery details a 14′ x 30′ Prefab Building Kits that was constructed for the Vancouver Aquarium by Westcoast Outbuildings. The Prefab Building Kit acts as the Vancouver Aquariums’ main ticket building for the duration of their current renovations which could be several years. Over 1 Million Customers a year will buy their aquarium tickets from our Modern-Shed!

Click Here to view other 14′ x 30′ Modern-Shed Client Projects

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