8’x12′ Lifestyle Utility Shed

8'x12' Lifestyle Utility Shed

8′ x 12′ Lifestyle Utility Shed

Our West Vancouver client wanted something they couldn’t get from any other supplier in Vancouver. They wanted a modern shed made with their own doors custom doors that were left over from the renovation of their house.

Reclaimed Cedar Siding

Reclaimed Cedar Siding

Westcoast Outbuildings designed and built the building around the doors.

The siding on this building is pretty unique as well. It is made with 40-year-old reclaimed T&G panelling that was salvaged from an old house in Horseshoe Bay. We took the cedar, re-milled it, sanded and stained it o give it a very rich look and feel.

The site of the shed was gently sloping so we custom scribed a ground skirt to keep any critters out.

Our Lifestyle Series of Outbuildings can be customized to your exact specifications

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Location: West Vancouver, British Columbia
Size: 8 x 12  (96 Sq/Ft) 
Lifestyle Series Outbuildings
Porch: NA
Decking: BA
Overhangs: Front /Rear = 12″ | Sides = 6″
Siding: Reclaimed Cedar Open-Joint Siding
Ceiling/Flooring: NA
Door: 54″ Client Supplied French Door
Windows: NA
Roofing: Standing Seam Metal
Electrical:  NA
Heat: NA
Customization: Doors

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