10×12 North Vancouver Backyard Editing Studio

10x12 North Vancouver Backyard Office

10×12 North Vancouver Backyard Editing Studio

10×12 North Vancouver Backyard Office

Wanting a quiet place to work from home our client hired us to build this beautiful Modular 10×12 North Vancouver Backyard Editing Studio.

The biggest challenge for us was the location. The client wanted the building in the far south-west corner of the property nearly 112 feet from the from front curb.

Time to bring out the big guns. In this case, it was a 200 Ton Liebherr Mobile crane from RMK Cranes. With a reach of over 200 feet, this crane made easy work of the lift and once rigged up it was in the backyard in minutes.

When you take into consideration the cost to truck crews and materials across town day after day to the job site Modular Construction is definitely the way to go. It’s far more affordable for ourselves and our clients to build our building offsite in our North Vancouver Factory.

Once complete we truck the building to the site and crane it into place or deliver it with our special delivery trailer. Our Lifestyle Outbuildings are also CSA-A277 Factory Building Certified which takes care of all the typical Building Inspections but does it in our factory rather than onsite.

And one of the best things about modular construction…. you don’t have construction crews traipsing through your yard day after day for a couple of weeks.

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Location: North Vancouver,  British Columbia
Modular | CSA-A277 Factory Built Building
 Lifestyle Outbuilding
Size: 10′ x 12′ (120 sq/ft)
Porch: Yes
Decking: Treated
Overhangs: Front  24″ | Sides = 24″
Siding: Hardie Lap + Corrugated Galvalume
Ceiling / Walls / Flooring: Pine T&G / Drywall / Vinyl Plank
Door: 36″ Full Lite Fiberglass / 14′ Rolltop Garage Door
Windows: Vinyl
Roofing: Standing Seam Galvalume
Electrical: Yes
Heat: Yes
Customization: Entire Building
Project Cost: Private 

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