City of North Vancouver Coach House

A North Vancouver Coach House is a smaller, detached home located where the garage would normally go on a single-family lot.

Coach Houses houses contribute to the overall sustainability of the city. They give people more opportunities to live close to where they work, shop, and play, and they make the city’s urban lanes more green, liveable, and safe.

Coach Houses also contribute to the amount of affordable rental housing available in the city.

The City of North Vancouver has a step-by-step how-to guide for anyone interested in building a Coach House.

The guide will answer your questions about North Vancouver Coach Houses and help you put your ideas into action.

The how-to guide includes:

  • Step-by-step help for the application process
  • Illustrations of regulations and guidelines
  • Sketches of North Vancouver Coach House floor plans and exteriors
  • Resources for designing and building your Coach house
  • Photos of completed Coach house

City of North Vancouver Coach House

City of North Vancouver Coach House Guidelines

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Bylaw or Policy
Zoning Bylaw, 1995, No. 6700
Suite Defined
Accessory Coach House
Premitted Zoning
One-Unit Residential (RS-1) (RS-2) (RS-3)
Type of Suite
Coach house is a detached secondary suite usually located at the rear of the lot Level A coach house is a one storey building with a smaller floor area (up to 800ft2) and will require staff approval Level B coach house is a 1.6 storey building with a larger floor area (up to 1,000ft2) and will require city council approval
Number of Suites Allowed
Only 1 suite per lot. Either a garden suite or a secondary suite (contained within the principal dwelling), but not both
Size of Suite
Level A coach house maximum floor area of 800ft2 or 15% of lot coverage, whichever is less
Maximum height of Level A 10ft or 15ft if roof is peaked (1 storey)
Level B coach house maximum floor area of 1,000ft2 or 15% of lot coverage, whichever is less
Maximum height of Level B 10ft or 22ft if roof is peaked (1.6 storeys)
Location on lot
Setbacks for both Level A and B: rear 5ft; interior side lot line 5ft; exterior lot line 10ft (or 0.2 times the lot width whichever is less); 20ft from principal building
There are some exceptions to these setbacks, see guidelines
Lane Access Required
Parking Requirements
1 additional off-street parking space per dwelling unit
Owner Occupation Restriction
 Either the principal dwelling unit or the coach house must be occupied by the registered owner
 Level A North Vancouver coach house development permit: $500
Level B accessory coach house development zoning amendment: $1,750
 City of North Vancouver Coach House


DISCLAIMER: The City of North Vancouver Coach House Regulations are provided as a courtesy only. Always consult the City North Vancouver Building Department prior to any construction.





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