Chinook 30 Tiny House

Chinook 30 Tiny House

The Chinook 30 Tiny House Largest Tinyhouse model build yet.

The Chinook Tiny House is 10′ Wide x 30′ Long and 13’6″ Tall. It’s built to the stringent  CSA-Z241 Parkmodel guidelines  has over 450 sq/ft of living space complete with a home office and 2 bedrooms!

Clad in grade A Canadian Red Cedar siding this beauty is built to near passive house standards with a  high tech rain-screen, triple-pane aluminum windows and a Lunos HRV.

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Chinook 30 Tiny House: By Westcoast Outbuildings

Built for a family of 4 with a deep passion for healthy living this tiny has no interior plywood, OSB, plastic, laminates or heavy off-gassing products like construction adhesives and sealants anywhere in its interior.

With a flick of a switch the entire Tiny House can disconnect from the electrical grid reducing the long term exposure to potential harmful emf emissions.

A tiny house like this would be perfect for anyone suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or idiopathic environmental intolerance.


Exterior Shots:

Interior Shots:

Location: Cobble Hill,  British Columbia 
Modular | CSA-Z241 Parkmodel (Tiny House)
Design: Chinook 30
Size: 10′ x 30′ (300 sq/ft on the Main Floor (220 sq/ft loft)
Porch: No
Decking: Fir
Overhangs: Nominal
Siding: Grade A Red Cedar Lap Siding / Grade A Red Cedar Shake
Ceiling / Walls / Flooring: Hemlock T&G, Hemlock T&G, Oak Floor
Door: 60″ French, 32″ 1/2 Lite
Windows: Triple Pane Aluminum
Roofing: Standing Seam Metal
Electrical: Yes
Heat: Yes
Customization: Entire Building
Project Cost: Private

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