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North Vancouver Backyard Massage Studio

North Vancouver Backyard Massage Studio:

Our client is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and she came a came to us looking for a change. After years of renting a downtown office space to run here massage practice, she wanted to cut the monthly RENT and start working out of her backyard. And save the daily commute from North Vancouver to Downtown Vancouver.

This project was a FIRST for us.

Up until now we’ve either Craned our buildings into place or positioned them from our special delivery trailer. The challenge with this site is that the backyard was nearly 28″ above ground level in the lane and powerline overhead so a crane or delivery trailer was out of the question.

In the case of this North Vancouver Massage Studio, we did it a totally different way. We pulled up parallel to the backyard from the lane, we raised the Building onto blocks then carefully slid Aluminum Beams under the buildings. Once properly braced we placed the building on Hilman Rollers and rolled the building sideways into the backyard.

Hard to believe we could lift, roll and drop into place this 9′ x 14′, 7500 LB Backyard Massage Studio in 2.5 hours and 5 sets of hands helping.

Did you know you can LEASE this building and pay monthly? That’s right, a project like this would cost about $475 a month!

And even better yet if you run a home-based business out of it might be a 100% tax write off (Please ask your accountant for detail.)

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Location: North Vancouver,  British Columbia
Design: Lifestyle Outbuilding – Backyard Massage Studio
Size: 9′ x 14′ (126 sq/ft)
Porch: No
Decking: No
Overhangs: Front  18″ | Sides = 12″
Siding: 6″ Reveal Hardie Lap | Corrugated Galvalume 
Ceiling / Wall Covering / Flooring: Pine T&G  / White Melamine / Engineered Hardwood
Door: 36″ Fiberglass Full Lite w/Blind
Windows: Clerestory
Roofing: Standing Seam Galvalume
Electrical: Yes
Heat: Yes
Customization: EasyTrim Reveals

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