8×15 Gable Shed

8×15 Gable Storage Shed

Our client Peterson Residential Property Management had a problem. Years of accumulated water damage and rot had culminated in the removal of their equipment shed that fall. With the coming winter there was nowhere to store the snow shovels and snow-blower.

Upon touring the local hardware stores it was obvious none of the shed available would suit their needs in a commercial townhouse complex. Their next call was Westcoast Outbuildings.

Although it may look like a basic gable storage shed this was one of our most complex installations to date.

8x16 Gable Storage Shed

8×15 Gable Shed (Tight Squeeze)

First of all notice the proximity of the shed to the surrounding buildings, this meant we could not build it on site. We would have to build it in our shop then transport it to the townhouse complex as a completed unit.

Now imagine the crane operators surprise when you tell him you want him to hoist the 8’x15’ shed up over top of the townhouses, and thread the needle, positioning the shed within the tiny opening.

In all there is less than 6” to spare on both sides combined.

The Gable Storage Shed was also painted to match the surrounding buildings in order to help it blend in.

Location: Westview, North Vancouver BC, Canada
Size: 8×15 / 120 Sq/Ft
Design: Tough-Structures Gable Shed
Porch: N/A
Decking: N/A
Overhangs: Front = 12″ / Sides = 6″
Siding: LP Smartside
Ceiling: Bare
Door: 32″ Steel
Windows: N/A
Electrical: N/A
Heat: NA
Customization: Extra Height

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